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Interest-free financing available with reasonable
monthly payments

Students can enroll for as little as $500 down

Letter From Director

Dear Future Student:

I am honored you are considering Stone School of Massage for your education and training in the rapidly-growing and exciting field of massage therapy.  Opening a school and sharing my ideas and experience has been a dream of mine since 1996 and it has now come to fruition.  We are committed to offering quality education and career development administered by a highly-trained and personable staff totaling more than 25 years in successful private practice.


Our goal is to equip students with valuable and practical skills that will enable them to enjoy a satisfying and rewarding career.  Graduates of Stone School of Massage will be prepared to make an above-average income, while contributing to the health, vitality and well-being of others.  Some of the present employment opportunities for registered massage therapists include sports massage, spas, salons, resorts, medical facilities, chiropractic offices, health clubs, cruise ships and independent employment.  In many cases, you will be able to establish your own hours, working full-time or somewhere in between.


The Massage Therapy Instructors at Stone School of Massage bring a wealth of experience, compassion and competency to our mission.  I am supremely confident that students’ lives, self-esteem and future success will be nurtured daily under the guidance and caring leadership of our instructors.


Please feel welcome at Stone School of Massage as you explore the incredible possibilities of massage therapy.  If you have a question, we will do our best to provide an answer.  We are committed to assisting and serving you in any way possible.



Abby L. Stone, Owner/Director

Stone School of Massage

 Student Handbook

Holidays & Breaks

Stone School of Massage will close in observance of the following holidays:


New Year’s Day, Easter, Memorial Day, Independence Day, Labor Day, Thanksgiving Day and Christmas Day


Stone School of Massage will close for the following breaks:


Thanksgiving: Wednesday preceding Thanksgiving through Saturday after Thanksgiving

Christmas:      TBA

Spring Break:  TBA

In case of inclement weather, Stone School of Massage will typically cancel classes in accordance with Tyler Independent School District school closings.  The closing of Stone School of Massage will be publicized on local television and radio stations.  In the instance of SSOM classes are scheduled outside of TISD’s hours of operation (i.e. evening and weekends), a phone message outlining whether scheduled classes will be held will be left on the school’s answering machine recording.

Tuition & Fees

Stone School of Massage Basic Massage Therapy Program includes tuition costs and handouts, in addition to use of anatomy charts, overheads, DVDs and skeleton.  We offer interest-free financing with flexible payment plans, low-payment third party loans (for qualifying students), and also accept Visa, MasterCard and Discover.  We are committed to thoroughly examining all available avenues and possibilities if you are sincere about becoming a student of Stone School of Massage.


Introductory 500-Hour Tuition         $3,999

                        Supplies (estimated)                         $125


Stone School of Massage is offering an introductory tuition price of $3,999 for its 500-hour course. This discounted price will include the cost of the textbook.


*Estimated cost of these items.  Market factors could dictate price fluctuation.  Students will provide for themselves:  5 sets of twin size sheets (tan, buff or natural color), 2 solid-colored fleece throws, towels, khaki-colored short sleeved scrubs, massage lotion (no oil permitted), and antibacterial hand cleaner in a pump dispenser.


Stone School of Massage gives a $200 discount to all students who pay their full tuition on or before the first day of class, decreasing cost
to $3,799 for such students!


Hourly cost for classes within the Basic Massage Therapy Program is $8 per hour. Upon successful completion of the required 500 hour Basic Massage Therapy Program, students may apply for approval to test to become a licensed massage therapist through the Texas Department of State Health Services.  All fees associated with state licensing and testing are paid directly to the Texas Department of State Health Services and their testing agencies.  Students are responsible for all costs associated with the state exam.  No student transcripts will be released until all financial obligations to SSOM have been met.


Class Formats:                       

SSOM offers two convenient class formats for you to choose from our flexible schedules will fit into any busy lifestyle!


Day Program                                      Night Program                        Weekend Program

Mon through Thur                            Mon through Thur                   (alternating weekends)

9 am – 2:30 pm                                 4 pm – 9:30 pm                         Fri 6 pm – 10 pm

                                                                                                         Sat & Sun 9 am – 6pm



The Texas Department of State Health Services assigns a maximum of 36 pupils to each instructor and a maximum of three (3) pupils to each massage table.  Stone School of Massage will strive to maintain smaller classes stressing personalized instruction, with typically no more than 15-to-20 students.


Every 60 minutes of instruction may include a maximum of 10 minutes of break time.  Break time for hours taught consecutively in one sitting may be aggregated into a single break time during those consecutive hours but not at the end of those hours.


Admission Requirements

Prospective students seeking admission to Stone School of Massage must meet the following criteria:


  1. Be physically, mentally and emotionally capable of completing the selected coursework based on student interview conducted by a Stone School of Massage representative.
  2. Tour facilities with authorized personnel.
  3. Must provide a copy of a current photo ID.
  4. In accordance with state regulations, applicants are ineligible for registration if they have been convicted of, entered a plea of nolo contendere or guilty to, or received deferred adjudication to crimes or offenses involving prostitution or other sexual offenses; or until the fifth anniversary of the date of conviction relating to such an offense.
  5. Complete and submit an Enrollment Agreement to Stone School of Massage, along with the minimum $500 deposit fee which will be applied to the cost of tuition.

Cancellation and Refund

In accordance with state regulations, Stone School of Massage will provide a full refund to a student canceling the Enrollment Agreement within 72 hours (until midnight on the third day, excluding Saturdays, Sundays, and legal holidays) after the Agreement has been signed by the student.


In accordance with state rules, refunds will be given based on the percentage of the 500 hours of instruction completed prior to official written termination or withdrawal. 


          Withdrawal Date                                    Percentage of Tuition RefundedLess than 72 hours after Enrollment Agreement                                                               100%
During the 1st week – 30 hours (whichever is less)                                        90%
After the 1st week – 30 hours, but within the first 3 weeks                             80%
After 3 weeks, but within the first quarter (125 hours) of instruction               75%
During the 2nd quarter (126-250  hours)                                                       50%
During the 3rd quarter (251 – 375 hours)                                                      10%
During the 4th quarter (376 – 500 hours)                                                        0%


Refunds will be made within 30 days of the effective date of student termination or withdrawal, or 10 instructional days following the first day of the program if the student fails to enter.



Students electing to withdraw from Stone School of Massage must submit a written notice to the director stating their expected date of withdrawal.  No such notices shall be backdated.


Curriculum Requirements

Listed are the requirements of the Texas Department of State Health Services for Licensed Massage Therapists (LMTs).  The course of instruction is divided into two sections:  450 classroom hours and 50 intern clinic hours for a total of 500 contact hours.  Upon successful completion of the program, students are eligible to take the examination required by the Texas Department of State Health Services to become a LMT.


                        Massage Therapy Technique                                           200 hours

                        Physiology                                                                       25 hours

                        Anatomy                                                                         50 hours

                        Kinesiology                                                                      50 hours

                        Hydrotherapy                                                                  20 hours

                        Business Practices & Professional Ethics                             45 hours

                        Health & Hygiene                                                             20 hours

                        Pathology                                                                        40 hours

                        Internship                                                                        50 hours


                        Total                                                                             500 hours


Course Descriptions


Massage Therapy TechniqueStudents of Stone School of Massage will be taught the history and origins of massage therapy, proper use and maintenance of massage equipment, and the practice of client draping and propping techniques.  They will be able to recognize and respond to endangerment sites and when it is not safe to use massage, while being taught to give a full body massage.


Anatomy & Physiology Students will be taught the structure of the human body and relation of its parts to each other, in addition to the normal functions of different cells, tissues, organs and body systems.  Emphasis will be placed on the musculoskeletal system as it relates to the massage therapist.


Kinesiology Students will study the movement of the human body, learning the origin and insertion of major skeletal muscles, as well as the action of those muscles.  We will study how muscle movement is affected by massage techniques and problem-solve troublesome areas in case studies.


HydrotherapyStudents will learn the principles of basic hydrotherapy, including salt glows, bath types, paraffin treatments and the effects of hot and cold treatments on the body.


Business Practices & Professional EthicsStudents will learn the regulations mandated by the Texas Department of State Health Services, in addition to information on various career options.  Students will be instructed on how to establish and maintain a professional practice, basic record keeping, goal setting and money management for the massage therapist.


Health & HygieneStudents will be taught accepted sanitation procedures, as well as recognizing contagious diseases and means by which they spread.  They will also learn how to work with clients regarding health issues, in addition to nutrition, fitness and stress management for the massage therapist.  This course also includes CPR training and universal precautions.


Graduation Requirements

To be considered a graduate of Stone School of Massage, a student must satisfy the following:


  • Complete the 500 hour course outlined by the Texas Department of State Health Services
  • Achieve an average of 70 in each subject area of the 500-hour course
  • Complete all requirements for incomplete grades and makeup work
  • Meet all financial obligations to Stone School of Massage

 No transcripts will be released until all financial obligations to SSOM are paid.


Students who meet the above stated requirements will be awarded a certificate of completion and official transcript from Stone School of Massage.  The student will then be eligible to apply for the examination required by the Texas Department of State Health Services to become a licensed massage therapist.

Grading Scale

A student is graded on both written and practical examinations.  To successfully complete the course, a student must achieve a satisfactory average of 70 or better.  The grading scale is as follows:

                                    A                     100 – 90

                                    B                       80 – 89

                                    C                       75 – 79

                                    D                       70 – 74

                                    F                       69 – Below

Numerical grades will be issued in a progress report for each course of instruction.  Upon completion of the full 500-hour course, the student’s numerical grades must average at least 70 for each individual subject.


If a student achieves a grade of 69 or below on an individual test or assignment, they may retake the test or assignment.  The two grades will be averaged to determine the grade for that test or assignment.  If the student’s overall grade in the subject is 70 or above, the student will not be required to retake the test or assignment.


Progress Reports

At the end of each 100-hour segment of instruction, students will receive a written progress report.  This enables the student and instructor to monitor individual progress and address potential concerns.


Grades earned to date will be averaged at each 100-hour segment of instruction.  If a student has an incomplete, they will receive a “0” grade until the assignment completed.  If a student achieves 69 or below in any subject area, the academic probation policy will apply.  A student must achieve an average of at least 70 in each subject  in order to pass the Basic Massage Therapy Program.


Evaluations may be done by the director or instructor during the student’s 50-hour internship, as needed.


All students will receive a final grade and evaluation upon completion of the 500-hour course.


Academic Probation

A student with an average of 69 or below in any subject area at the conclusion of any 100-hour grading period will be placed on academic probation for the following grading period.  The probationary student will remain on academic probation until their average in all subject areas reaches 70 or higher at the end of a subsequent 100-hour grading period.



A student may be terminated at any time for any violation of the Stone School of Massage Student Conduct Code or for missing more than the state allotted number of hours. 


The cancellation and refund policy will apply to terminated students.  Refunds will be based on the date of termination.


Previously-terminated students may be readmitted into Stone School of Massage for a future class with written consent of the director.


An absence will be charged for a full day when the student attends none of that day’s scheduled classes.  Students missing any portion of a class day will only be given credit for time attended on the attendance record.  A student will be terminated from the program if the student accumulates absences of more than 10 consecutive days or more than 15 percent of the total clock hours (75 hours for the full 500-hour program).  The refund policy will apply to the terminated student on the last day of absence.  A student may not start a program after 10 percent of the program has been taught except in those cases where appropriate credit for previous education has been given.


A master record of attendance indicating the number of scheduled hours for each class and the hours of absence will be maintained by a school representative.  Each student is required to attend all scheduled classes.  The Texas Department of State Health Services requires completion of all 500 hours of the curriculum to be eligible for the state examination.  Absences made-up will not be removed from the student’s record.


Makeup Work

Students are required to make up all missed class time.  Extra work will not remove an absence.  Available makeup hours will be posted in the classroom.  Scheduling makeup time is the student’s responsibility.  Missed daily work, tests and exams must be made up in a timely fashion.  Students will be required to pay fees for makeup time at the rate of $10 per hour.


Previous Education and Training

Education and/or training from another college, university, or massage school completed within the past five years may be considered for credit by the Texas Department of State Health Services.  Coursework must be submitted on an official transcript to the Department for evaluation.  Upon approval of portion of the program, the Department will provide written confirmation to the student.  This may result in a reduction of the stated length of program and fees.  Students who have Department approval of previous coursework will not be admitted to that portion of the course without paying $8 per hour for each hour of instruction. Stone School of Massage will not accept coursework without prior written approval by the Department.  Students of Stone School of Massage must have such coursework approved prior to starting the Basic Massage Therapy Program.


Leave of Absence

A Leave of Absence (LOA) pre-approved by the school director may be granted, but shall not exceed the lesser of 30 school days or 60 calendar days.  A student will be granted one LOA for each 12-month period.  Attendance records will reflect the dates of the LOA.  A written statement explaining the reasons for the LOA shall be placed in the student’s file along with supporting documentation (i.e. doctor’s notice, etc.).  If the student fails to return from the approved LOA, they will be terminated and a refund made according to the school’s cancellation and refund policy.  The effective date of termination shall be the final day of the LOA.



Student Conduct
Students of Stone School of Massage are expected to adhere to all policies, rules, regulations and procedures of the school, in addition to the laws of the State of Texas.  Students are to conduct themselves in a mature and professional manner at all times.  Faculty, staff, intern clientele, fellow students and telephone inquiries will be treated professionally and respectfully at all times.  Stone School of Massage reserves the right to terminate any student found in violation of guidelines for student conduct.



Conduct which could result in being placed on probation or termination from Stone School of Massage includes, but is not limited to:


·          Failure to maintain an average of at least 70 in each subject area

·         Behaving in a manner that presents a danger to others or themselves as determined by management of SSOM

·          Behaving in a manner that is harmful to the reputation of Stone School of Massage or the massage therapy industry

·          Excessive talking and other similar behavior that detracts from the overall learning environment at SSOM

·          Displaying sexually inappropriate behavior or language

·          Cheating on assignments, quizzes, or exams

·          Removing, damaging, tampering with, altering, or destroying school property

·          Accepting payment or any other form of compensation for massage therapy prior to receiving state license

·          Entering school property under the influence of alcohol or an illegal drug

·          Behavior that is consistently unprofessional

·          Entering restricted areas of the school

·          Failure to fulfill payments as agreed upon in the Enrollment Agreement

·          Misrepresenting oneself on an official document

·          Engaging in any business practices on school property, which includes, but is not limited to, the sale of products, vitamins, cosmetics or food without written consent of the director

·          Engaging in or discussing any “health care” practice, medical treatment or non-medical treatment – proven or unproven – not endorsed by the director of Stone School of Massage

·          Breaking school policies, procedures, rules or regulations

·          Using profane or offensive language

·          Smoking inside the school facility.  All smoking will be done outside the building in designated areas only.  All smoking materials will be properly discarded

·         Guests, including spouses and children, are not permitted to attend classes, with the exception of prospective students with the permission of an authorized staff member of the school 

·          No perfumes or colognes will be worn by students at SSOM

·          Makeup will be professional and conservative in appearance

·          One small earring per ear is allowed.  No facial jewelry, including, but not limited to:  nose, lip, brow, tongue rings or studs, may be worn at SSOM.  All such jewelry must be removed prior to entering the school.

·         Student uniforms must be clean and free of odors such as perfume, smoke, body odor or other offense odors.

·          Hair cannot be dyed an unnatural color, including but not limited to:  pink, blue, orange, purple, red, yellow, etc.

All student grievances will be handled with respect and confidentiality.  it is the hope of Stone School of Massage to resolve conflict in an expeditious and satisfactory manner. Our "open-door" policy will give students access to staff and the director in regard to suggestions, complaints or grievances.

Complaints can be made to the Texas Department of State Health Services, Massage Therapy Registration Program, 1100 West 49th Street, Austin, Texas 78756-3183  (512) 834-6616.

Stone School of Massage has been approved by the Texas Department of State Health Services and is regulated by that same agency.

True and Correct Statement
All information contained in the SSOM Student Handbook is true and correct to the best of the knowledge of school ownership.

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