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CE Classes

Continuing Education Classes
Spring/Summer 2017
$79 earlybird price if you sign up 7 days prior to class
$99 regular price thereafter
Classes begin at 9am and end at 4pm unless noted

CE Class Policy

Each CE class is worth 6 hours of credit approved by Texas Department of State Health Services for licensed massage therapists. Most classes begin promptly at 9am and end at 4pm with a one-hour lunch break. CE students are provided a complimentary light breakfast. Please bring a notebook, pen, linens, and massage cream or lotion in a pump bottle or other closed container.

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Saturday, April 22 - Thai Fusion

A combination of classic Thai massage and stretches, an oriental foot bath and steamed Thai herbal balls. This is a fabulous blend that you can market as a package - perfect for Mother's Day, bridal parties and other special occasions. You will need table linens, massage lotion or cream, six hand-sized towels, one washcloth, a laundry basket and notebook and pen for this class. A $18 supply fee (plus tax) will include two herbal balls and foot bath products.

Saturday, May 20 - Active Isolated Stretching
One of today's most used methods of stretching used extensively by athletes and their trainers to keep them in tip-top shape and prepared for specialized activity, while providing pain relief. This class will cover all major muscle groups, including the neck, trunk, shoulder, hip, knee and ankle. This course will help you better serve runners, cyclists, CrossFitters, baseball and racquet sport enthusiasts, in addition to the client simply desiring improved mobility and range of motion.  Please wear loose, comfortable clothing to this class. Students will need to bring table linens and a notebook and pen.

Friday, June 9 - Reflexology
Learn specific massage techniques for the feet, hands and ears that are time tested to encourage beneficial effects to other parts of the body and promote general good health. Please bring table linens; blanket; massage lotion or cream; and a notebook and pen to this class.

Saturday, July 15 - Aromatherapy for the LMT
Learn the basics of using essential oils in your massage practice. We will discuss both the benefits and cautions of safe and effective use of essential oils to compliment and enhance your business. Additionally, you will learn to make multiple homemade products which will be yours to keep! Please bring table linens; six hand-sized towels; two bath towels; and notebook and pen to this class. A $15 product fee (plus tax) is also required for attendance.

Saturday, Aug. 5 - Myofascial Techniques for Sciatica - NEW
Another common problem driving clients to your door. We will discuss the causes of sciatic pain; the structures involved; and effective techniques to relieve that aggravating, painful throbbing affecting so many people. Please bring table linens; massage lotion or cream; and a notebook and pen to this class.
Saturday, Aug. 19 - Headache Relief Techniques
Clients routinely end up on our table due to the debilitating effects of headaches. This class will cover the pathology of common headaches; major muscles of the head and neck; and techniques believed to best relieve headache pain through massage therapy. Please bring table linens; massage lotion or cream; two hand towels; and notebook and pen.














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