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Services Provided


Professional Massage
60 minutes ~ $58   90 minutes ~ $85   120 minutes ~ $116

Student Massage
60 minutes ~ $40   90 minutes ~ $60   

Services listed are performed by licensed professionals
Some of our best graduates!

Massage & Spa Facial                                                                      75 minutes ~ $90
This pampering treatment includes full body massage, followed by a luxiurious facial massage with hot towels and cold stones.

Massage & Oriental Foot Bath                                                       75 minutes ~ $90
Need some extra time on your tired tootsies? This one's just for you! First you'll be treated to our 3-step foot bath including cleansing, exfoliation and massage, then enjoy a full body stress-busting massage!

Massage & Invigorating Leg Treatment                                      
75 minutes ~ $90
A fresh, minty treat for your legs & feet! First an invigorating scrub is applied, then a refreshing mineral clay mask & hot towel wrap. We'll finish by massaging with a cooling gel. This treatment is paired with a full body massage!

Hot Stone Massage                                                                         75 minutes ~ $90
Our signature massage! Hot, oiled stones glide over your tired muscles with a decadent combination of heat and pressure. You will melt away!

Body Buff and Hot Towel Wrap with                                            75 minutes ~
Body Butter Massage
It doesn't get much better than this! A full body exfoliation to remove dry, dull skin, followed by a hot towel wrap and a silky body butter massage!

"I Want It All"                                                                                           2 hours ~ $120
The ultimate! A body buff exfoliation, hot towel wrap, full body massage, spa facial, and a oriental foot bath!

"I Want Even More"                                                                              2 hours ~ $150
Wow what a treat! Two hours of complete bliss including a full body exfoliation with a soothing hot towel wrap, a cold stone spa facial, an oriental foot bath and our signature hot stone massage! Wait, it gets even better! You also get to choose from a variety of aromatherapy scents - could it be any better than this?

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